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Blog title: Ear trimming problems - HELP!
Blog description: I have a problem trimming my horse's ears. The previous owners ONLY twitched him to trim them for a show. He gets nervous to see the twitch coming and leans back. How can I get him used to the clippers without making him blow up? Any suggestions?
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HELP! My horse freaks out trimming his ears! Posted on Tue, Mar 09, 2010 21:06
My gelding has been twitched every the previous owners trimmed his ears for a show. How can I get him used to the clippers w/o him blowing up? He see the twitch and leans back and doesn't want anything to do with it! How can I help him get over this. Any suggestions? I show and I am by myself, so twitching him is going to be very difficult by myself. I'd rather him just be calm and not use anything at all! How can I condition him to the clippers? Just keep buzzin them around his head every day? HELP!!