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5 year old horse need help.

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hi well iv got a 5 year old arabian x with clysdale gelding ill start from the start so you got abite of history. well i started him on grownd got him us to me and stuff. he wasnt too good 1st time ridding him but i won at the end he was good to ride at a walk and a trot and to stand just got him on the basics to start off. then i went on a week hoilday and i came back with a horse that wouldent let you put a bite in his mouth hard to control like when i turned him he turned his head and went the other way. he wont let me tach fara then his neac when i tach his back he will kick out. iv leaft him quiet a few times before but never anything like this. and it wont be somone ridding him with a saddle im a bare back ridder and brock him into bare back only and the people that looked After him new that so if somone did ride him they new they cant us a saddle if they did go to . im mostly wondering how it could happen and some help to fix it. if anyone can help thanks
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This lady is right on all the way. I respect her judgement. Everything she advises is in the nature of "preparing the horse to be caught", NOT catching the horse as a goal in itself. I would probably not resort to treating the bit, but that's just personal preference. I usually feel that if you need to entice behavior through an inducement other than continuing the pressure/release down to minutia you're probably rushing things a bit. But try everything and find what ultimately works for your horse... over the longrun, not the short.
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hi thanks for your reply. well the part i sed i won at the end now i didnt jump on him and ride him till he was tyed and carm he us to buck out of the blue but i never let the problem go bad i fownd the problem why fixed it and he never us to kick out after that. that was really the only bad thing he had when i was 1st ridding him. then before i went on hoilday he was carm good and pritty friendly for a horse not long out of the bush and was a stallion but he was a good horse. thats why i cant pin point why after i went on hoilday i come back and this horse is pritty norty. bucking turning his head when ridding him wont let the bite in his mouth playing up bad tach him and he goes to kick.
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One sentence stuck out to me in your description: "but I won at the end".
I'm curious as to what this means. Did you push him and "master him" until he gave in that day?

A very wise man once said to me that you want to keep everything at the level of a discussion between you and your horse. A discussion that you can walk away from on any given day agreeing to disagree. During the cooling off period the horse can mull things over and usually decides that he might want to try things your way. BUT if you let things escalate to an "arguement", then you'd better win. If you don't you've got some real problems ahead.

However, in my experience you usually don't win - they're bigger than me - and if I do "win" I may have won the battle that day but lost the war in the end. I lost the connection with the horse due to my ego. I'm wondering if this is the case with your relationship with this horse?

Folks have seen me write about "going slow" so many times in these blogs, and this is why I'm so adament about it. I'm trying to keep things at the discussion level, and usually the slower I go and the softer the more rapidly the horse responds. But I do have my arsenal of tools to win that battle if things have gone too far.

You might think about this....?