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Age 19 Looking for the right person. 19-21

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My profile has my details, I'm still looking to find the right person but I guess I mentioned that earlier, this one looks like I can write more,I'm not a PREMIUM MEMBER so I can't really do much unless I bother paying for membership. I suppose I can start the minor search details.

1.I'm looking for the right person who's 19-21.
2.They do NOT smoke/drink or has had any criminal records of any sort.
3.Loves horses as much as I do, no matter the type/breed/gender.
4.Looks really good, I don't really have much of worry with what people think of me I've been closed off anyhow.I'm also in good shape anyways.

Ok...heres some info about me if you don't feel like viewing the profile, I can't check who views anyways since I'm not a PREMIUM MEMBER.

1.I'm 19 and searching for the right person 19-21
2.My hair is becoming fairly long,I don't plan to shorten it anytime soon. It's somewhat a dark blonde, my grandpa says its strawberry blonde.
3.I love horses, and the one I have is my only best friend...My other human friends moved away and didn't leave anyway to contact them to keep in touch... :(
4.I have never EVER smokedd/drinked. And NEVER have plans too. I have also had NO criminal record and I don't intend to ever!
5.I enjoy western riding, and gaming with barrels, pole bending, and other horse activities sorta like in rodeos.
6.I'm never really talkative especially in real life, if its over a page or something i dunno why, I usually try to strike up conversations.
7.I don't like girly stuff,concerts,dirty minds,horror/scary shows.
8.I never lie EVER. I'm always truthful of what I say.

If I remember, I'll write in more its midnight and I'm falling asleep at the laptop. Sorry, but there is quite alot more to write, I'll get back to it a.s.a.p

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