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Alice is now - Maggie and is now a Hardy!!

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Posted on Apr 06, 2009 at 02:30 PM Total posts: 1

Yes we have a new member in our family as of yesterday. She is the sweetest little Mini-Dashund Rescue that I wil be keeping. She is so cute and cuddly I just can't let her go. She is 5 years old and Smart as a whip. She likes to sleep beside me under the covers. Thought I lost her when I woke up this morning then I realized there was a bump in the blankets and there she was, must be HOT don't know how she does it?? She has already made herself at home and has adopted the bigger pillow on my couch. Between Her and Chloe I am going to end up sitting AND sleeping on the floor. I will post some pictures later so you can see how cute she is.?

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