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Any other BUGGY nuts out there?

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Hi there, I'm new at this, but here goes. I'm hopeing to find other folks that enjoy driving their horses. I love driving and anything to do with it. Grew up in PA drag racing the Amish in my pony cart. Anyone else out there that drives their horse/pony/mule ... whatever? Feel free to speak up!
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i don't drive my horse but, i do have a draft. he wasn't supposed to be but he grew up and was definitely not a warm blood. do you need a new member to pull with? i am really looking for a good home for him. he learns very quickly.
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Glad to meet'cha Foxtrot!
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I drive my fox trotters here in NC. Also done a lot of working with draft horses... pulling wagons, plowing, discking and logging. Nice to meet ya!