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1 year ago
Beautiful Jim Key is the lost history of a horse and a man who changed the world.

by: Mim Eichler Rivas

This is the true story of an American hero who rose to international renown at the turn of the last century and who, in his short twenty-three years of life, helped spur a significant shift in human consciousness. What made this individual different from other great men and women who changed the course of history is that he was neither man or woman. Beautiful Jim Key was a horse. An educated horse. Together with his owner/teacher/best friend "Dr" William Key---an ex-slave from Shelbyville, Tennessee, a Civil War veteran, horse whisper, self-taught veterinarian, entrepreneur, and one of the most recognized African Americans of his day--- Jim Key helped launch a world wide animal rights movement through an international network of humane societies. His contribution was to transform what was once considered a radical fringe element into a mainstream concern and to make kindness toward animals a cornerstone of civilized existence.

But his good looks didn't make him an icon. Jim was beloved because he was smart. During his nine years of continuous exhibition, he demonstrated inexplicable abilities to read, write, spell, do math, tell time, sort mail, use a cash register and a telephone, cite Bible passages, and engage in political debate.

This shows what can be done when you take the time and make the effort, it is worth reading.