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Hello, I am in Australia and have been playing Cowboy Polo for about 2 years now, but would like some information if anyone could help.I would like to know exactly what the mallets are made of and what their measurements are in America. I hear that it is a popular team sport there. Also what type of ball and what size is it. Any photos would be great and I could use them in our next Newsletter. Thankyou.
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Hey Ozziegirl, I think I play Cowboy Polo with you at Burpengary ... small world isn't it. See you at the AGM
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The Montana one has Cowboy Polo rules on it and the college site has a lot of photos of broom polo. I really hadn't thought about it a lot until I read your blog. Enjoy - I didn't see much on the description of the mallet's except that the stick can't be any longer than 60 inches. The ball is made of rubber and about the size of a child's net ball.
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Hi - Cowboy Polo started or came out when I was a teenager (I'm 58 yrs) and from what I remember, you use a regular house broom (I think it can be reinforced with duct tape) and a volley ball or soccer ball and the arena needs to be closed down to the ground so the ball doesn't roll under the fence. I was extremely intrigued by it at that time, so my little sister and I decided to try it with our 2 ponies (about 12 hh) - all we had were leaf rakes and a basketball and we rode bareback - too funny - anyway we charged the ball and nobody gave way, we crashed into each other and never did touch the ball. We got a bit better after that and the ponies learned to not run into each other while we were swinging our rakes around!! There should be a rule book somewhere.