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Carriage driving resurgence, even Quarter Horses

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1 year ago
The horsedrawn cart was introduced in Egypt at the beginning of XV111 Dynasty (1475BC) but it was only in the 17th Century that a definite "European" form of carriage came into existance,a standard model with small variations from country to country. This varied very little until recently when Driving has enjoyed a resurgence and new vehicles are being developed to suit modern requirements and competitive rules such as the Quarter Horse where the driving classes are all held in an arena.
Then there is the Combined Driving Events resembling ridden three day events with all their special requirements. Where will it end? New breeds developed along the lines of the Hackneys ? Fascinating isn't it?

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Hi, me again, when my husband was alive we had harness horses and we restored an Abott buggy and a spring cart. Had a lovely pt arab 14.3 mare to pull the buggy and a 16.1 black baldy faced clydie for the cart. Did a bit of combined driving with the mare but the buggy really wasn't suitable as it was restored original to show and didn't have the steel wheels needed for serious CDE comps.I've a little welsh stallion 6 yrs and am breaking him to harness to show, but he is about to lose his manhood first as I'm not breeding any more ponies and I would like him to be my grandsons leadline pony then his ponyclubber as he gets older { he's only 10 mths at the moment}, I like to plan ahead. Nice to hear about harness classes in the Q horse world, its a great sport and shouldn't be confined to only traditional harness breeds.