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I know this is an off the wall random thought but I really want to know... Where does the cricket come from that is in my bathtub every morning? Each day I kill that cricket so it is definately not the same one. Perhaps I should get a lizard of some kind. I hate killing without reason... I suppose people in some part of the world would consider this pests a wonderful gift?
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I used to set them free... I am from Hawaii and raised with the Japanese influence so killing anything I don't intend to eat goes against every fiber in my being but I just had to be sure it wasn't the same one! Thanks for the biology lesson though ;-)
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Well there was a momy cricket and a dady cricket and they loved each other and ,,,well i am sure you can figure it out LOL,
but y kill the poor bugger just catch him and let him go outside, but if you had a pet bass in your tub then there wouldn't be a cricket there in the morning.