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Don't know what they were thinking.

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Were I work we have corp. groups that come. You would think a member of one of their board would know better....
I like a good prank as much as the next person but this one well it was trouble.
A board member of a corporate ..... decided to go and party and have to much to drink. Not being able to find his car in the parking garage he decided to see if there were keys left in the companies fork lift we had out back. finding these he thought it would be a great idea to go bar hopping. Now I don't know about most people but calling the cops to tell them your fork lift has been lifted and no one witnessed this act in its self is entertaining. He finally ran out of time the bars shut down around 2am. he decided to bring the fork lift home. I guess he had a chuckle seeing our valet and decided to try and valet our own fork lift in our garage. Now im not sure if he had so much to drink or if he even remembered he had a stolen property at this point. Cops usually take that serious. We probably would have let it go except he decided to berate and publicly humiliate the valet up one side and down the other after he told him to valet the fork lift.
Now the call back to the cops was comical at best.... dispatch we have found the fork lift.... on our property.... he brought it back.... no really he tried to valet it in the garage.... im not sure ask him.... no nothings looks broke.... no I don't know were he went....\
Pretty soon his corp group was down here along with his CEO.. they were all upset we called the cops over a stolen fork lift....
CEO was embarrassed and just want the whole issue to go away. Now we are still dealing with a drunk fork lift thief who still thinks we lost his car. truth is he walked by it several times at that point.In order to calm every one down we dropped the charges as long as he promised not to lift anymore vehicles.....
What was he thinking????

The sad thing is not even a week later we had a different group in who rented a fork lift. That morning they came to the desk I could not believe my ears we had another stolen forklift on our hands. Dispatch thought we were joking they know my our voices by now. Conversation went...
You lost another what...
Do you know who might of taken it...
Was there any wittiness to this theft.
Did you ask the valet if they have had valet one today.... Chuckle....

We found out after about an hour the people the comp. rented it from came and picked it up earlier that day.....

I think im having a bad day when i miss-place my keys I can imagine calling my sister up hay sis I misplaced the tractor. no don't remember were i put it. did you see it on your way home...
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Merry Christmas Livetooride



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I thought I would brighten everyones day...

This past week I forgot my helmet twice. Thank goodness I disovered this before...I got to the bottom of this mountain.

But, my week continued with Blockbuster videos. I went to return them, and when I was at the bottom of the montain, I noticed that I did not have them with me. So back up the windy road I went...

Geeez. I suppose I should be happy I did not lock myself out of my home again...or leave my car keys in the car when I was locked in the car.

Life in the fast lane...

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I think that Mr. Montana was using one of those voice disguising machines in that recording he sent us. I bet it was really him talking to the onstar service and he used the voice machine so he would sound like a lady. LOL!

It was very funny, and true?

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Montana!!! Why didn't you tell me that my keys were in the ignition?
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Cants and dogs are funny creatures.
I have 3 OUTSIDE cats. well I think I have 3 but there is one who sneaks in every chance she gets. Yesterday I walked in my sisters room to wake her for a ride and her is this outside cat curled up on my sisters bed.(sister unaware) This dingy cat looks at me streches out (doesnt even bother to run and hide) and goes back to sleep while im sitting there asking her what she is doing inside.
then I have this darn dog. she is 10 and has been with me her whole life. Mom came over to spend the night last week and my dog set down and pointed and grawled all night long because mom stold her couch. You see Jade isn't even suppose to be on the couch. But when everyone went to sleep and jade went to sneek up there.(like i didn't know that was happening) mom was in her way so she went back and laid on her blanket and grawled at her the rest of the night. Not big growles but the little irritated ones.
You all would of been proud of me yesterday I DROVE my horse trl in the snow.This is a big deal for me. Ive never done this b4. so I called big brother (riding instructor) said im on my way and how do I drive this in the snow up the hills. He said ( I was so happy)point the truck in the direction you want to go and use your foot to push down the gas. (lots of help there).I through snow balls at him all day on our ride even got one down the back of his shirt for his smartalec comment.
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Ok, I confess. It happened to me yesterday. I left home and started down the mountain. Than realized I had left my riding GPA helmet at at home. Darn it...

In this area all riders who go out on the private trial systems (there is not as much open land out here, or anywhere it seems) are required to wear approved riding helmets.

I always wear one anyway, so this is ok with me. The instructions on most helmets say they should not be in the extreme cold or heat, when not in use, so I bring mine inside when I come home.

Speaking of riding gear. I am owned by two cats. For some reason they love to try and crawl in my riding boots. Does anyone else have this happen? They are very funny as something about those boots has them rolling on the floor, sticking their heads in them, and purring. Who needs catnip when we have boots......
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Hello Livetoride and Starhorse!!

I agree about the keys. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy as they wittness this routine regularly.

1. Put the dogs in the car
2. put my stuff in the car
3. pull the horse blankets off the front porch railing, fold them and put them in the car. (Neighbors are glad they're gone as they had been hanging there for a week because I kept forgetting to take them).
4. close the front door and get in the car.
5. Where are my keys...In the front door.
6. Run back to retrieve them.
7. Back in car - where are my sunglasses - back to house (back to car again because I left the keys in the ignition)
8. Look for 10 minutes only to discover that they're on my head.
9. back in car - get ready to leave once again. Look down the street... SH**!!! forgot my contacts! - never mind - I know where I'm going - no need to read road signs
10. Friend calls for lunch (in town) - gives me detailed directions on how to get there. (yes you guessed it - road signs) I'm sunk - I'm late because I had to go back home for my contacts! :-D

UGH - the minutia of life - gets me every time. We were all much better off when the horses did the driving! :-D

Happy Thanksgiving guys
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myplaceofwork during the day we have MOD manager on duty, at night it stands for mom on duty. never fails level headed guest turn into over aged teens with a few beers.ieven have FODs at night father on duty hes my main security guard.
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This is soooo funny! I think that keys have minds of their own. Maybe we need to round pen them so they stay more connected with us...

I have two sets just in case one of them goes out for the night. I try to always keep them in the same location, but somehow, they sometimes....have a mind of their own. I suppose I could blame my cats, as they might be the reason. But somehow...I think it is me. I also keep an extra key outside the house to get back in. Well, most of the time. Last week I locked my keys in the house and the outside key was not where I left it (or thought I did). I had to take out the screens and crawl through a window to get in.

Once again, my two cats where not a help. I would think that they would know that I cannot get in. They should open that door for me!! Instead they laughed as they watched me try to crawl through that window.

Bad kitties. No Turkey for them today

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