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Equine Influenza in Australia

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It distresses me to hear the stories of tragedy where horses have died through Equine influenza. At the moment I am fairly lucky and live in an EI free Zone, but I hold my breath. The debate arises on how it arrived on our shores but the fact is its here and probably to stay. So no blame needs to be directed. However is there still a need to shuttle stallions around the world when AI and the use of semen is effective, so I cannot understand why the TB industry follow suit as other breeds around the world. I know the TB industry is the Sport of Kings but really it is inevitable that AI will occur and the EI should prompt authorities to make change before another type of infection slips through the quarantine measures. The consideration of how EI has affected all horse owners and the ripple affect to other horse businesses that have been affected. I understand the many ways EI can pass through not just shuttle stallions but this would reduce the risks. What do others think?
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I agree also, as only a small cog in the wheel, not being in the TB industry we were basically forgotten. I lost my great old partner to EI at the age of 32, he was FAT shiny well fed body clipped, triple rugged, and still attending pony club reguarly with a young rider, his old heart just couldn't handle the infection and the high temps and he was treated with everything the vets could give him. Even at the age he was, he was totally sound with no arthritis or any other ailment, a really sad loss for us as he was a truly great old horse and a much loved member of our family. Of course there was no compesation for our loss and to be honest no ammount of compesation could ever help.The government need to look at their quarantine stations if they are to stop this happening again, who knows what's next, foot and mouth?
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agree totallly with you they should get with the times and use ai we were originally in amber zone and now are green but still need permits to go riding out of paddock it is still affecting frinds of ours who are just 2 hours away but in purple zone we cannot take our mare too them the result of the flu cannot be measured but it should not hav happened
i guess it is like the wheather u hav to adjust to what is happening dont we