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From Russia with Akhal Tekes

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Hello. My name is Dasha Cole and now I live near Sarasota, Florida. When growing up in Uzbekistan I saw magnificent horses called Akhal Tekes and just fell in love with them. I was able to rescue my two Akhal Tekes last year from a sick breeder and now I am looking for parthners, freinds, mentors, sponsors and just a good people who may be interested to combine efforts and help me to promote this breed. My horses were imported from Kazakstan and Sweden at some point by their previous owners. There are only approx. 1200 of Akhal Teke mares in the world. I would like to show in dressage and jumping but I need a skilled mentor to advance my skills. I have 5 year light chestnut mare with blond mane which rides well, green 11 year old bucksin mare and dark brown 7 year old stallion. All healthy and sound.

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cool. its sad these horses are dying over there because no one can afford them. they are a beautiful breed.