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Fun Farm Visits for Those with Disabilities

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I have just started a not-for-profit, where people with disabilities can come out and visit the farm, learn about the horses and how to groom, lead, ride, drive, etc., play with small animals such as a tortoise, rabbit, baby sheep,goats, and just have a fun, relaxing time. It is not therapy, but it is therapeutic in its own right. It is unbelievable how the animals can help these people. We have also rescued a few horses that I have trained to work in the program, one is a blind Belgium mare.
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That sounds so cool! I have also thought about starting a therapeutic riding place for disabled children and adults as soon as I get done with school!
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I am a disabled rider/veteran from Vietnam that rides at a disabled program, Quantum Leap. I also just rescued my fist TB and he is wonderful.

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What a lovely idea!

I have a friend who instructs riding for the disabled. They absolutely love it, and it's amazing how many doors are opened.