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Happy TEXAS Independance Day to all Texans

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Dang dont all you other people wished you were from TEXAS.
Well come on... WE know your going to, just leave your big city and yankee ass attitudes at the border. We dont need that shiite here.
All you Mexicans, well hell. I cant blame you either.
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Rocketrangler, curious why you picked your name here? Best horse I ever owned was here in Texas out of Rocket Wrangler (I know, different spelling) but every time I see your name I think of that horse ... and wish there were another like him. I'm in Houston now but have lived on East coast, Midwest and now Texas, which has been very good to me.
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Hi rocketangler, Don't know if you'll get this or not . I'd like to chat with you too. I don't want to break any of the rules on here , so....I don't know any other way to get ahold of each other . I have horses also and I am wanting to get into the breeding and raising aspect of them . I've had horses for years .
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HI... will be on, I think, this weekend
a bit. But I'm not a paying member.


I know you would like me to tell you
where I think the center of TX is
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nice to meet you all
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Howdy rocketangler,
How's the weather in Texas? have friends and family near Roundrock, Houston, and Pacedena area. Hope all is well with you and the horses don't even know if you will get this am not a member.
Anyway just wanted to wish you Peace, Love Laughter and Happy Trails~~~~~
Me & The critters
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I am banker I am Sport man so I need nice & kind people
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Hi Rocketwrangler,
How's it going? I'm way up here in Canada but we do have horses in common. I have a 200 acre farm and 13 horses and ponies.
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Well I must say I adored San Antoine when I went for a visit...The River Walk, El Mercado, and the BIG drinks...but I dont think I would leave My Southern State....