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Have learned some stuff

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Well I found out one thing, try to buy a horse close to you. Saw on one blog where this woman was scamming people online with the sell of horses.. so have decided to find one closer to me so I can go see it..
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montana2007, yes I have found one, I really like getting to know him real good.. I have a problem though, cant find anywhere to put him, found some property, but just a little to much for me right now.. see I take care of my mother.. the horses name is Beau, 10 years old. and the girl hasn't really advertised him, so she is holding on to him for me, thanks for the poem.. It's been awhile since I have been here, lots going on at the home front.. we have had so much rain, never remember a summer like this.. its crazy.. and I live on the water, but my house is 11 1/2 ft above flood level.. so really dont have to worry about that, just hurricanes, lol .. nice to talk to you again.. will try to come on more often..
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Flossy, Have you found your horse yet? I stumbled across a poem that I wanted to send you earlier on but couldn't locate. But here it is...


I talked to a friend just the other day

who's got lots of opinions and plenty to say.

We discussed what we both like to see in a horse

his requirements and mine were different of course?

He likes a clean throatlatch and a long skinny neck,

and prefers that their hocks are set close to the deck.

Short backs and hard feet and clean slopin' shoulder,

and a gaskin that looks like it swallered a boulder.

He likes a short face and a big ol'soft eye,

and says these are the horses he's likely to buy.

And when he'd completed his lengthy discourse,

on all of the attributes of the quality horse,

he asked my opinion, and where do I start?

And I said that I...just want horses with heart.

I said I want heart above all the other.

I don't care if he's Smart Little Lena's full brother.

Or just how much money that his grandmother won,

or whether he's roan, palomino or dun.

But give me a horse with some grit and some try,

and some heart and some guts and that's one that I'll buy.

And I've found it's the same with a woman or man...

the good ones won't quit you when the shit hits the fan...

by Monte Baker
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Thanks Noel, I have almost decided, to get one a little older, and also a baby, so they wont be lonely, and I can learn how to train as I go..
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ty Montana for your comments, there are several horses I am interested in here in the south I can get to. I really need to find someone here to help me I guess to choose one. I might just do that.. Montana why forget about the papers? Oh sorry I get it, lol just a little blond here..
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Absolutely!!!!!! :)
Never buy a horse sight unseen unless you have a very good and trustworthy agent who knows....YOU very well. A good match between you and the horse is mandatory. The better horse breeders out my way refuse to sell one of their horses unless they know that there will be a good match with the new owner.

Forget about the registry "papers", find a friend with heart who will be there for you and give his all to you.