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Hey, noobie here!

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Hey all.
Well here I am writing in one of these things, never thought i would. Guess you never expect anything that happens in life. I swore that I would never work in a supermarket as a a classic "check-out chick" but here I am in a job that I hate with so much passion that I will do anything to get out of! 2004 was full of shit for me, just to put it bluntly. Depression, repairing the same broken relationship over and over...which I guess when I think about it, was the cause for the depression. But enough about the past, it's over and done with! yaaaay for that! Now i'm currently 18 and still living at home...barely making enough to support me or my horse, ahhh my baby haven't even gotten to him yet. Whoever named him needs a brain transplant, who names a horse Dudley? But look into his big brown eyes and he is a Dudley all over, I wouldn't have him named anything else! After everything I've ever been through in my life, he has always been there for me, he has never let me down. OK I guess i'm raving just a little bit. Well mother is complaining that im tap tap tapping too much so I best be off. Happy reading!
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hi there if u would like to chat