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Horseback Riding Around the Globe

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Horses are my comfort and great companion. Learning riding is life long process which entails endurance, determination, inderstanding and trust. Besides interacting with the human like animals, I like to have adventures with them around the world. Eventually, I'll be confident to go on a riding expedition! Cheers. 

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Anyone keen to join trip to tour Mongolia on horseback for 14 days from 16 jun to 29 jun 2013? I am looking for 3 more riders to confirm the trip To Orkhon Valley with local operator horsetrails.xxk. They own their horses and made their own leather saddle which is more comfortable than Mongolian saddle. Write to me for more info. Hope u can join me in this trip as I have been longing to go there.

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I used to go riding in Malaysia to learn before Govt's support for more riding centres for the public without membership fee in my country. I've ventured to riding in New Zeland, Thailand and have just returned from Europe.