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I need help with my horse.

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Ok ya'll. I need to ask ya'll somethin'. Ok, well I'm going to college and my horse is coming with me, mainly cause i'm going to school for equine science and management (plus farm management and ag.education). He'll take a bit, but he acts like he can't stand it. Now, a lot of people down here don't get their horses teeth floated, i think they need ot be floated. It's either that or his wolf teeth or whatever they're called, i forget. I've been told that his teeth didn't need to be floated..but i think they do. Would you be able to tell me?

And..I live in nc, i need to get my horse to Colorado, any suggestions on how to get him there?
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ok  tusk or  canines .. thye are called  in  different  parts of the country  are different than  wolf teeth

 the  tush ( tusks ( canine) are single tooth  on each  side of the horses mouth  usualy mid way  between the front set of teeth and the molars, usually on the botton set, sometimes on top. also  they do not need to be  floated or removed till the horse is quite aged..  the Wolf teeth do not rise in evry horse  they are located Right up close to the horses Molars  as if a new tooth were growing in.  they are  unusually sharp, and cause pain when broached by the bit, these should be removed ,they hinder chewing and thus digestion. Generally speaking  horses teeth need flaoting  once a year   starting at age 8  but i have seen the need at age five in  fast maturing horses  like TB or SB or AQH. slower maturing  horses take longer to aquire this need.

 this is my opinion for whatever its worth ..

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Get more (good) opinions on the teeth.

Check out nation-wide horse transport out of colorado springs. you can google it. they have prescribed routes and if you're close to one of them it is much cheaper than a special detour.
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On the getting your horse to college, there are horse transports, that will haul your horse from state to state. I heard that the going rate is between .55 to 1.00 a mile, but I can ask my friend whose used a horse transportation before who she used.

As for floating teeth, I always have my horses teeth checked once a year by a equine dentist. But hauling your horse across that many state lines, you will have to have a coggins and health papers on him, so you might as well have the vet check his teeth too.

BYT, I majored in equine management in college at Ellsworth Community College.
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well first off, it very well may be that his wolf teeth need to be removed. have you tried him in a hakamore?