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Thank you for posting that.

I'm new to this site, and I already feel at home.

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Hope you dont mind thought I would add another poem I thought you all would enjoy.......

Life's Gift

It starts deep within.
A feeling, Its demands are not to be denied.

You want to run, to scream, to rid what's destroying your mind.

You turn in the end.
To the one that answers the call within.

Soft and warm to the touch,
A fire burns within.

Gently she comes playfully, always ready.

Her muzzle feels like satin, gentle are her eyes.

The escape she'll provide yet one more time.

Listening to her breath as it drifts on the wind. Relax,follow her movement, the lead she'll take again.

Her head you give her as you feel power shift, leaving this world behind to drift.

Sometimes a child who wants to frolic and play. Other times tough and demanding wanting her way.

It doesn't matter she'll help leave the noise behind. Allowing room for natures peace to find.

A pause of times tick, a chance to co-exist.
Upon a mountain all your own. Creations beauty becomes known.

Nature's music fills your mind, As you look at the beauty that surrounds.
Gods peace you finally found.

In that instance you give thanks.
For the gift you love the most. A gift of a different kind.

Soft and warm to the touch, with a fire that burns within.
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1 year ago
Quoting: Originally posted by livetooride
That poem truely touched me.
They got it right on the mark.
We need more peoms like this one.
Yes Ma'am we do so don't be bashful share one with us. And how come ye ain't got a "Wanted Poster" plastered up with yer profile?

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Great thoughts. I also enjoyed this.

Horses have changed my life. No question about it.

Thank goodness for all the horses that have been, and are now, in our lives.

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That poem truely touched me.
They got it right on the mark.
We need more peoms like this one.