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Largest Breed Of Horse

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I am wondering what is the Largest Breed Of horse in the world?

If you could tell me this would be great,

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The largest breed is actually the shire horse as they stand at 16hh to 20hh.. The horse in the picture is actually a Clydesdale , a relative of the Shire and old Norman horses of Europe. That's why Clydesdales, Percheron's and Shire's look so alike. Clydesdale actual stand at 17.2hh , while Percheron 's stand at 16.3hh. Despite their smaller stature, they make up for it in muscle strength.whereas, Shire horses are height and muscle. If you have seen the movie Robin Hood 2010, you'll notice a massive draft horse walking around Nottingham.. That is a Shire horse.. The one used in the movie. Is a Shire mare standing at 18.2 hh.
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I would say either a Percheron or a Shire. Here is a Shire I babysat for a neighbor. Note that I am 6-3" tall! He was a BIG ole Horsey, and he knew it too. He was very spoiled by his previous owner. It took a long time to get him straightened out.

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