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Life is really great but I still want a partner

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Well, I picked up a new horse a couple weeks ago. It is a three year old Appaloosa mare and she is perfect for almost anyone to ride. She had not been handled much and never ridden or even saddled but a few turns in the round pen and then I put 11 rides on her and even gave a lesson on her three weeks ago and the lady had a ball too. She rode her for almost three hours all over the ranch and did not have a single problem. I still want a lady to ride with. it is a lousy hing toi see a clutch of baby bunnies or a new foal or Fawn and look around and there is no one to share that scene with. Come on ladies. You will never have a better chance at the life you have always wanted to live then right now.

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I know the feeling all to well...when life has so much to offer it would be even more amazing shared.
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fragglesnapp, dearest Doc,
I am not as fancy or pretty or smart as some of these other women...but
I want everything you do..
and want to share all with you..
and you already have my heart...so
next move is yours....I'm waiting...
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Thanks sunnybird, he was a much loved member of our familyand also after my kids moved on he was a great ride for 8 other riders, from novice polo-x ridersand campdrafters both adult and children right through to his last little 6yr old rider who had to have 2 days off from school after his passing as she was so upset she made herself quite ill. We buried him at home standing up, as befits a friend of so many years.
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It is so great when you find a horse that young and anyone can ride her! Most of the time I find myself riding alone too, although my horse is the best friend anyone can have. I really enjoy the serenity and beauty of these Rocky Mountains, but it is still nice to have someone to ride with once in awhile. I have my daughter to ride with but she doesn't always want to ride with mom. :( It's a teenage thing, plus she's slowly finding more interests besides horses, like boys... I know she will never lose her passion for horses but she is going through that stage right now.
Right now I am most interested in finding a good friend since I have had a not so good relationship in my previous marraige. I am sure it will take lots of time and patience.
Happy Tails to you!
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Dragonlady .. so sorry for your loss.
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hi, I agree it's great to go out riding or competing and just shit if there's no-one to share the highs and lows of your day/week/hour/moment, with. Wanted to talk to you but was not a PREMIUM MEMBER and still am not so have been quietly checking the blogs etc in case you put something on. We have an outbreak of equine influenza here in australia at the moment and I lost my lovely old mate of 32 years to it , he was still fat, shiny, healthy, and well fed, in light work and still going to pony club with a friends 6yr old daughter and truly didn't deserve to die as he did, and obviously I'm not yet over the loss. He was an A grade polocrosse horse a top barrel horse a brilliant pony club mount for both my daughters who are now adults and has taught many other kids and adult learners to ride, play polo-x campdraft, show etc and at 30 years of age placed in every open galloway hack class at our local Agricultural Show.Altogether a legend and a perfect example of what a registered Australian Stock Horse should be. Now I've had a bit of a vent, and am over it, would like to hear from you again if you like, and by the way I guess you also have seen the movie "the cowboy way" judging by the phoyo you sent. Not bad, bragging?