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Looking FOR my 2 BOYS? any information?

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ANY BODY OUT THERE at the USA east coast- I sold two German Reg'd Hanoverian
1)Colt,& 1)Gelding,
1)Rappsody, barn name 'Snip' Black can't find any information where he is,about 7years old now(2008)sold to Sugarloaf Farm N.Hampton,they do not respond to me the day they left with 'SniP' - I saw some bad posted comments on a web/page about SugarLoaf-farm.
2) Gemini - barn/n 'GeM',11 years old,Grey- Son of Goldschlager- 17H1 jumpes 8' sold to Long Island N.Y. no reply from them either. Now, the sad item is as the shadow lengthen at the end of Summer(9/21)their Atlanta Olympic mom age 23 died in my arms - her mom was at the Montreal Canada Olympic.

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Hi Texaskavalier,
Well you certainly do have a sense of humour .. not sure if I could begin to measure up to that but I do like to have fun and the only thing I miss from my marriage is dancing.... I try not to lead. Heeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaw!
So you lived in Texas? On a ranch?? Nice but hot.
Horses are my life these days ... sold my house and live on my cousin's horse farm where I board my 2 geldings. My parents had standardbreds and I groomed for them 1 or 2 days a week (as much as I could) while raising 3 kids and working full time as a lab tech. Started riding... my life long dream at 53 at a jumper barn falling off so many times I lost count and then came to my cousin's dressage barn to try to get a correct seat or at least try .... but miss jumping. Not fun fixing all the bad habits and it is still quite a challenge but wow am I having fun... but try too hard which gets in the way. Have shown some and hope to again this year but have had some issues with my 13 yr old (and me) ... my new farrier (sorry) had the balance off on his crooked ankle last year and he started exploding on me because his shoulder was hurting so bad ... I got tight and crooked and things went down hill from there ... fast ... a few days ... boy those farriers are pretty important ... My trainer (cousin) kept saying to work him through it that he was just spooky and not respecting me but I knew that wasn't my horse ... poor guy (Mozart)... I listened to my horse and so got the vet who knew right away what the issue was.... she is great. Think we have things sorted out including a new saddle .... yikes... but it helps my position which wasn't great to say the least. With the race horses there was a at least a hope of money coming in ... oh well you only live once and I believe in having fun.... life is too short not to.
Any luck finding out where your 2 horses are and how they are doing? I sold my mare and keep in touch with the new owner ... it is so nice to know she is doing fine. I also have become good friends with my young gelding's (Popcorn) previous owner and I know she is always anxious to hear about him. She is bringing one of her young ones here to be backed (not broke ... hate that term though I sometimes goof and use it .. old habits are hard to break!!!!!!!).

So hope all is well with you ... nice weather wow from snow just north of here on the weekend to 26C. It is so nice to hack and ride on the sand ring instead of being stuck in the arena. At the other barn I used to hack till we couldn't get through the snow but no one does that here.

So am getting long winded as usual ... not a quiet person ... my brother has referred to me lovingly as motor mouth!!!!!!!!!
So best shut up ,,, take care and happy trails, Popcorn.