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I had all of my absentee owners here with their kids and dogs. 17 people and 9 dogs here last week and two paying guests here for the weekend. Monday I am going to rest and take a deep breath. I am also going to get back to answering all of my e-mails and getting my leather orders out. I got the window in the General store. The woodshop teacher who built the hole for it needed to measure twice and cut once. Instead the window was 6 inches bigger than the hole. It fits now though.
It was a very beautiful sunrise that My REAL Boss, GOD, gave me to look at this morning. I think He wants me to be happy and all He needs to do now is send me a lady. Anyone interested?

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Doc, sounds like you had a busy week. II've really enjoyed reading your blog and like your philosophy and thoughts on life. The photos of the snow are just beautiful. I was wondering how you came by your nickname?