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Monday's aren't so bad...

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Today my sis get's to go home from the hospital!!  YAY!!  She's a tough critter, and has suffered back pain for months so I'm hoping the Doc did it right THIS TIME!! 

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I got a call today from one of my customers that she had to put down her 26 y/o arab gelding on 2/23...The vet said he had a hole in his intestine, and the decision was made immediatly to euthanize.  I'm gonna miss that old guy.  Rest in peace, Jafar and say Hi to Rusty for me :) m 



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Today was a great day...  the donkey's didn't kick, the horses didn't step on my toes, the mule was cooperative... so what if the rasp did knock a few layers off my knuckles...It was still a great day!!