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Perfectly Imperfect

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Well, this is my first day on the website, how i stumbled here i have little idea....one minute you're trying to find somewhere to take your mr. for his birthday, the next you're signed up looking for friends....interesting mixture!! It's 22.16 and i think i must be a little bored, though i hope this site pays off, i would be pleasantly surprised. The mr. is out all night and the flat is oddly quiet, coming home from a quick 3km run i have no one to share the tale of the beautiful sunset with tonight, lonliness drives you to the net. It was a beautiful sunset over the buildings in the city, the trees are in full bloom with magnificent scents, running under them takes your senses to a whole new level. Sitting surrounded by boxes ready to move flats at the weekend, change is welcomed, new things and people adored. I can only hope i do find somewhere to take the mr. trail riding for his birthday and fingers crossed the sunset will be as beautiful.