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Please, Post up-close photos.

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1 year ago
Hi I just think its terrible when you can't see someones face in their photo, at least one of them. Its like meeting someone in person and they won't look up at you. My hats off to those who did, right on!
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What's worse is not having a picture
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Good luck on that moving out west thing. I did it, and going on 4 years now, but when you have someone who really doesn't share your interest and love of horses, and that was your main motive for moving, it isn't all that fun.
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I agree ,that is what I posted, we want to see a face, not a blur.
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I totally agree with the first person, I hate that to. A pic that is so far back that you can't see what they even look like. why have it on there if you can't tell if it's a man or a dog in the pic.? Then some of them don't blow up bigger either. I hate it when they don't even put one on period. There is no excuse for that. After all this is a dating site, not a guessing game. No pic, no chic is my motto. You won't loose your Identity with just a photo. They have $5 camera's or send it in.
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Hello, your profile makes you sound like the perfect riding partner! I would love to talk to you. I have some friends who also like camping/riding. Maybe we can get together for a ride some day. Roger Chaplin