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Spent the day riding fence and saw lots Deer, one Bobcat in a tree, Cougar tracks,about 40 Pronghorn Antelope, Hawks in abundance and three Bald Eagles that tend to stay near here every day. Got back around 2 pm and then about 2:30 it started raining and even bunches of thunder boomers. Sat on the front porch of the cabin and had a cup of coffee and watched the lightening strikes in the valley. sure wish I had someone to share the day with. All of my days for that matter.

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What is the matter with the women out there? If I were younger and unencumbered I would jump at the chance to share your life. Sounds ideal!
I no longer have the energy to ride all day, although there is a cattle drive coming up in July that will probably be ten hours long. I have a small ranch of my own to take care of by myself since my husband died last year, so can't relocate. But don't lose heart, there must be someone out there!