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Seeing in the Dark - Year 1

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Wow! I haven't been on the site much since Summer, and I realized that so much has happened, and, maybe, some of you might like an update!

Charlie has blossomed!! As you recall, Charlie is predomintly blind and had to get accustomed to his new surroundings after living his life in Northern California. He caught on quickly and got comfortable in his new "neigh"borhood! LOL Tanny picked on him once she realized that he was at a disadvantage, so I separated them, and it's been fine ever since!

Around March, I hired a trainer for Charlie to come 3 days a week and work with him. Being a wagon horse in his 'former life', he had ground manners and could be led and directed, but he'd barely been ridden. After weeks of lunging, before I hired Erin, he was very comfortable with being asked new things. He learned the commands and new skills, and we made real progress. He still had some confidence issues outside the arena, but, on the whole, I was very pleased.

As the weather warmed, I was able to find a few brave kids to do some vaulting on Charlie, and we had a blast! Again, it was something new and different, but after a few protests, Charlie realized what he was being asked to do wasn't soooooo bad, and the attention he got from it was better than anything he'd had before!

When he lost his winter coat, was toned and muscled up, and had laughing kids with him day after day, he was absolutely beautiful!

All too quickly, school started again, and we didn't have the precious free time to 'play with Charlie', and the winter weather hasn't helped much either. We are desperately waiting for Spring!