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Should I offer free healing for all animals?

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I would like to offer free animal Natrual Healing to all Animals, from the 1st of July to the 15th, as I hate to think of them being in pain, or having sickness, do you think I should?.All I need is a photo, and the animals name, and any other information that you could give, and I can treat them anywhere in the world,¿

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Thank you for your kind thoughts, about doing healing Rollingclould, and that was very interesting about when you tried divining, it is a wonderful gift that most people are given but only a few try, which is a shame because it is a wonderful feeling when you feel it move. The same when you can ease the pain of an animal or human using the gift's that we are given, and it is such a shame too waste them. I would love to email you if possible, or at least be in contact as we seem to share the same interests, Look forwad to hearing your comments.
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check out bridget pilloud from Portland---let us know what you think?-----------it created some fuss's
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1 year ago
How'd you go with your animal healing? My brother did some divining near our place and let me go over a underground stream. No matter how I tried for the divining rods not to move they turned around. Problem was that they did it in one of our bedrooms too, although I do not know of any underground waterways there. We both got it in the exactly the same spot although we said when we went through the house we would not tell each other if there was any movement until both of us were done. He is a believer as he has seen water diviners in action in Australia and they hit the spot every time. I was more skeptic. I think it is wonderful that you do healing.