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1 year ago
Cowboys are romantics, extreme romantics, and ninety-nine out of a hundred are sentimental to the core. They are oriented to the past and face the present only under duress, and then with extreme reluctance.

The Cowboy way is a way of thinking, living and feeling about others, values, fair play and old fashioned American principles reflective of a more romantic and independent era.

It makes no difference how much money you have, what you do for a living, what race, religion or gender you are, just so you are true to the Cowboy Way. Living a life guided by the spirit of honor, values and interest in the country and it's people.

This along with an unparalleled sense of humor and fertile imagination. Don't think for one second one is so devoted to a set of harmonious ideals that they would never think of saying anything offensive or speak ill of anyone. They are not bashful and do have the courage of their convictions, speak it and live it.

They reflect the sincere down home type not the phony inside the beltway type that the country has gravitated toward.

To quote Setting Bull:

Each man is good in his site. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows...

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i enjoyed reading reading your writing it reminded of another cowboy that went to the big round roundup in sky. he wrote as you do. do you tell stories? as if i didn't know what cowboy doesn't. they are always great but not always coming when you want them to. always the perfect gentleman you don't find that nowadays. always the romantic. pick wild flowers, do small little things, money is not formost but knows that you have to have to live. well i thank you. you didn't write this year so you might even get this but you'll still know. mudder