Windy weather

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Well as you can tell by the title of my blog it's been pretty windy in northern germany these days. I was riding yesterday and it was really windy. I had fun anyways because i always have fun when i am riding no matter how cold or windy or rainy it is.
I live close to the river Elbe and right now we are having very high water. Maybe some of you have heard about it in the news. I live in Lauenburg and to get into my street I had to tell the police where I am going even though my house is not that close to the water, but what's really annoying about it is all the tourists coming just to see the water run into people's houses. It's kinda weird to see them all come and take pictures while people are building walls of sandbags around their houses. The city is really crowded with people and all they do is take pictures. Instead of helping they just stand in everyone's way because they wanna have the best picture. It's ridiculous.
Well enough of that. I better go now.

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oops spelled your name wrong ... Jessy
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Hi Jessie ... people do the same thing in Australia with bush fires ... whats that about?