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Wollowing horses

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I was just wondering if other horses wollow in mud and in water like mine do.
It all started with my grey mare Cha Cha about 5 years ago, we heard a lot af splashing in the dam and wen we went to investigate we saw her pawing in the water this went on for a few weeks but slowley she got futher into the dam and started stamping her back feet aswell.
This trait started to rub off on the other horses with her.
About a month after she started splashing we herd a sound like waves breaking on the shore, so off we trot to the dam to see a great big muddy horse rolling in the dam.
This became a daily ritual usualy rolling but sometimes just splashing.
And now she has trained at least 8 other horses to splash or roll in the water like her, the trouble is that they also like to roll in mud wen they can find it and that takes some getting off. They mostly have troughs now so only get to roll in puddles wen it rains.
I am just wondering if other horses do this because i have never seen them rolling in a dam before, i think that it started out as a way to get cool but now it is just habit.
Cha Cha is a quater horse Irish sport cross of 16.2 hands.
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I have an equine friend who loves to EAT mud.

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1 year ago

I live in Florida and my Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse digs in the dirt(sand, really) until he feels wet and rolls and makes he laugh when he splashes in water, just like my two standard poodles do.¿ Horses love a good "dirt bath", especially after you just spent a couple hours grooming and bathing them, just like the dogs do too!¿ I never need to exfoliate my skin with the amount of sand in my bed!!!¿ It's the dogs that sleep on my bed, not the horse......figured I better give that clarification.¿ <>

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I had a polish Arabian that adored the water. We would go camping next to a river at our favorite park(well she probably didnt care but I did) and everytime we crossed the rives she would love to just stand there and splash in the water.
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Hey Reece,

I have a 25 year old WB gelding who loves to swim, wallow in the dam, mud any time of the year, hot or cold, he paws the ground as you described in cha cha, always has....

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I have a thoroughbred that is off the track. He has a mud puddle that he churns up every time it rains. He covers himself in mud like a hog would every chance he gets.  He will also climb into the water tank on hot days!

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Why do they do it? Because it's fun!!!

And it is for me too...
I teach clinics around the West and when I get near fancy places with fancy horses and fancy people there are always some owners that primp their horses before "arriving at the dance". Well the first thing that I do the opening of each session is ask every one to turn their horses loose w/o saddle and tack in the arena. Talk about jaws that drop and pop-eyed stares!!!! So about a dozen horses take off and start to socialize. Looking at the owners: it always looks like a bunch of parents sending junior off to summer camp for the first time. Anyway eventually one and then all the others in absolute glee start rolling in the sand... while I feel burning eyes piercing my back!!! Then I'll move the horses as a band until they fall into a well behaved pack and announce, "OK, now catch them up and brush them off. BUT you can catch any horse BUT your own....! Then we get down to work.
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Oh these crazy horses!¿ The only criteria around here for a horse to churn up mud and roll in the pond is that he/she has to be either grey or mostly white pinto.¿ It's funny when it's someone else's horse, but infuriating when you don't have much time, and it's your's.¿¿ :-D¿

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Cha Cha has taught 2 thuroughabred ex race horses and 2 anglos and 1 pure arab so it ain't just quaterhorses that like the mud.
They never used to wollow in mud wen they had a dam to roll in and still prefer to roll in water to mud.
Wen Cha Cha rolled in the dam she would be in 18 inches of water and hold her head up to keep it dry, funny horse because she won't walk in a puddle.
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My horse and my friend's horse are both mud hens, they love to roll in the mud whenever they can, I have to leave my horse's blanket on when i turn him out so there's less mud to be curried. I think its a Quarter horse thing, because I know of three, including ours that look like walking mud puddles after it rains lol. Dont worry you're not alone :)