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another straw.....

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I just checked in to the blogs after some absence and discovered that the new addition to the web site is that viewable pictures cannot be seen except by full subscribers. I suspect that this will discourage the use of the site more than increase revenues through increased subscriptions. I wonder what could be a more positive approach to increasing membership? Something so interesting and so positive that people would want to commit their $...
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That's great to hear about your horse being BF, a friend of mine has convinced the Western Australian Police to go Barefoot for all their horses. There is no reason they cannot, regardless of the environment they are on.

As far as my Diploma is concerned, i'm half way through.... 6 months to go. It really is fascinating the difference in the horses when you allow them to go natural. The damage we, as humans are doing to their hooves by nailing on metal shoes is quite incredibly.

If only people would take the time to learn the biological & Mechanical workings of the Equine hoof they may think differently next time they shoe their horse(s).

I also know of quite a few Endurance horses that are BF and doing very well. no splitting of the coronary band etc etc....

AS far as boots are concerned, they are the best invention ever, fantastic for transition from shoes to BF, ensuring heal first landing, increasing Digital Cushion strength and reducing the concussive forces that are being applied.

Anyway, i could talk for ever about this subject, i know there are still quite a few people in opposition the BF, but education is a wonderful thing.

Keep up the good work with your horses...
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I would like to know about the barefoot triming you are doing?
My carriage horse wears the boa boot and they work great. my horse works on the street and people are surprised when I tell them she is barefoot. It has saved her hoofs.
thanks hope someone is on here.

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I had a 3 month membership a couple years ago. I had a few contacts, it was ok, but it definitely was not cheap.
How about folks reviewing various kinds of tack, medical products, etc kind of like at Amazon?
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Hey big fella, glad to see you back. I totally agree with you.... wonder why they changed this with the photos..... not making it easier for anyone are they...... don't think i'll become a PREMIUM MEMBER, just so I can see enlarged photos.... hmmm, however if any one contacts me, then maybe i might change my mind........

Things are moving well with me am currently doing a Diploma in Podio-Therapy (barefoot horses), it's amazing the things I am learning. Hope things are well with you.