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1 year ago
Am I scary?...Just wondering..maybe I am trying too hard to find what I am looking for or he doesn't exist...
Decided to stay on basic membership from the end of the month, because even if I make the first move, I don't get a response (one way or another).
All you great men, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you find what you are looking for.

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I think it's a numbers game. When I used to sell for a living, I was taught that you have to make 100 cold calls to find 10 people who might be interested in buying your product. Three of them had the ability to do so, and out of the three, only one would buy. As a result, I'm guessing that you need to put yourself in places where you might meet the kind of people you're after. You then have to make an effort to introduce yourself, get to know them, and see what they're about. If you get rejected, it means you hit one of the 90 who can't buy, and that you're one closer to finding Mr. Right.

My problem is that I really like things that don't tend to attract single, educated women. All of my friends are married, and my hobbies either involve guys or solitary pursuits. Horses are the first interest that tends to be a female-rich environment.

I've stopped trying to fall in love, and am now satisfied if I find someone kind, well-read and attractive with whom it's fun to spend time. If something romantic develops, great. If not, I spent time with an interesting person.

Don't give up. Just enjoy being single at present(because that's what you have in front of you at the moment), and keep looking. Considering there are 200 million people in the US and more in the world, there has to be someone for everybody.