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just want to share my sad story

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This has been one of the saddest days of my life. Today I had to bury one of my best friends. A thoroughbred mare named York's Princess. She was a wonderful horse and came into my life by accident 11 years ago. A kind people loving and affectionate, friendly horse, she was also a terrific jumper with great scope who was fearless and loved to work. She was fun to hack, show, hunt and nothing bothered her.

She was never sick a day in her life.

She slipped while playing in my pasture yesterday on some wet hay that was still frozen underneath and fell through the fence. I found her dead this morning when I went out to feed. I will always wonder if I could have saved her life if I had just gotten there a couple of hours earlier. She died because, unlike humans, she didnt have hands.

Rest in peace my wonderful friend, I will always love and remember you

Your friend, always, Pam

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Your horse(s) become family members just like a dog or cat. Their personalities are unique and they look to you as a leader. When we lose them to old age or accident, it is a huge loss and the grieving process is just like that of anyone who you were close to. So what if it is a horse.... that horse is a living, breathing, feeling being. I personally would not want to know anyone who said to me, "It's just a horse." Those folks just don't get it. Don't feel like you're stupid to grieve over a lost equine friend. In 2009, I had to let my 30-year-young Thoroughbred gelding go. We were together 27 years. It's tough. He's buried at a good friend's home out in a pasture. I can still hear his high pitched whinny as I was driving out the driveway. It tears you up. Big time. I know some folks who will sell their horse when he/she starts to age. They don't want to face that decision. When an animal comes into my life, they're with me 'til their last breath. In time, it will get better and easier to remember the good times the two of you had. Peggy

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Hi There,

I'm SO SORRY about your tremendous loss. Your story brought immediate tears to my eyes. I understand that love that you had and will always have for your beautiful mare. I have the same love for my boy. My deepest sympathy goes out to you. May she rest in peace and be with the angels.

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I cannot imagine as I read these entries what it will be like to lose one of my beloved equine friends since I have yet to experience that part of horse ownership but I know it must be nearly unbearable. I lost my beloved german shepherd, India, in January and it nearly broke me so I cannot imagine losing one of my horses (the longest with me is 7 years and he has earned a forever home). My deepest sympathies to all of you.


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Hello fellow horse lovers who have loved and lost. I'm still in a state of shock. I sent my beautiful boy to a trainer for re-schooling just 5 days ago. He was there less than 24 hrs, my 4yr old son and I watched the trainer take him into the round yard and within 5 min of I don't know what he had broken his leg and had to be put to sleep.

He is burried in the paddock by his dam where I can see his grave in the distance from the kitchen window. However I still see him walking along the porch waiting for treats. The property seems empty and we all see him cantering up when we drive in the gate. Of course he's not there.

Pam you are right, people don't comprehend how their presence impacts on our life and therefore how deeply we grieve when we lose them. I always said he was my peace, my sadness is so bottomless. I do take comfort from your words Leelou, thank you. I remind myself as a matter of logic, it will ease- as unimaginable as it seems right now.

This is the first time i've ever written in a blog so I hope it's correct. Thank you for allowing me to share with you all
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1 year ago

Dear Pam & Trader

I too struggle with the what if?

Lost my beautiful sweetheart when she got out on July 29th & was killed outside my front door by a car.¿All gates closed when¿i got home? Did she get out on her own? who would let her out?¿Did i not hear the gate close when¿i left?











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I am sorry for your loss. I had to put down my baby girl last week because of her age (29). She had worn down her teeth so badly she couldn't eat much and because it is winter she began to lose weight quickly. I couldn't bear to part with her but i had to do whats best for her. I know the pain you're going through, when you lose a beloved equine so suddenly. Best wishes...it does get easier.
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Your friend will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
When I get there, I am going to see a STAMPEDE coming at me.
I am so sorry for you loss. Don't take "What if" to heart.
We have all been there and done that. Dwell on the Joy and affection that she and you had together.

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My heart goes out to you for your loss. Those of us who love our equine friends can understand the hurt and grief. I know she is waiting for you on the other side to enjoy eternity with you.

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thanks so much for your kind words, it means alot to me that there are other horse folks out there who care since alot of the people I work with just dont understand how I could feel such a sense of loss over my horse.¿ I know things will get a bit easier but I just cant quite believe it still and the image of her lying there just breaks my heart.¿ I am trying hard to remember all the fun rides and times we spent riding around the countryside or jumping fences or just me wandering around the barn while she did what horses do...the last time i saw her she was standing outside the back door of the barn and when she realized it was me in there she came over to the door and blew a small stream of warm air on my face as a kind of horse hello...I am holding onto the that memory.

thanks again for your kind words,


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Im so sorry for your loss. I don't know you but I have also lost my companion -I know that pain too well.
I think we all play the 'what if I just....' game , it is part of your grief , allow yourself too feel whatever you need too , but by the sounds of it , it really wasn't 'anyone's' fault -just one of those things that happens. We can never minimise the risk completely when you own and love horses , it's something we must accept.
Still , better to have "loved and lost"....I'm sure she enriched your life immensly.
Good luck with the grieving.It does get easier.