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rididng with a saddle problems.

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well iv ridden with a sadlde but i seem not confy people told me learn bare back. iv always ridden bare back but i cant feel thwe write sit. and i can ride in a galop trot jump you name it i cna do it bare back but in a saddle i feel not confident and uncanfy alot. well to let some people now well i brocken an unbrocken stallion in bare back he was a little shite rare bolt side step and i could do al lthat bare back in a saddle i feel like im going to fall and i cant stay seated if they play up i had a bad acserdent with my stallion he bucked like alot. and i fall off to the side my his neak and got draged. but i cant figur out how i can ride bare back good as but i cant site a saddle and ride good in a saddle. with ridding bare back saddle should be pritty simple. only diffrence the stirrups i dsont get it anyone can help would be grate. : )
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Have you thought of a bareback pad? you can use them with or without stirrups.
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We used to trail ride with a guy who rode bareback all the time. Its not a very pleasant thing on a long hot ride the horse gets very sweaty and thus the rider's pants also got wet and nasty. Everyone on the ride jokingly called him "rottencrotch" Riding without a saddle is not a good idea for many reasons.
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um i now the site and stuff. but i mite go around and get some good saddles to fite my horses and see witch one feels best for me. that could be it thanks. um cause iv got 8 horses so i mite go get them all saddles and try it. cause it do feel weard in a saddle. but the site and stuff and the problem from me ridding bare back so long ill have alot more ballence in a saddle. myt not put stirups on to start off just get us to the saddle first. or somthing what yo urecomend ?