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skinny shetland/poa cross

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i just adopted a new pony for my daughter but she needs about 2-300 # to be put on can anyone suggest something good i dont want to grain her much due to founder. i have wormded her already whats next??? kat
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ok is the horses over weight? ok well if you got it in a paddock. you only need an acker. it will last it for its hole life. best thing is to do brack feeding a little help yous three whyers. but the brack only needs to be say two steps for three days. or two depend on the grass. if the grass is long with its weight only do a 3 metre brack a day. i now alot about ponys we us to have 8 of them. and stuff so i can help in any way. but i cant say much. whats the grazzing like ? whats the health of the pony ? and what size is the pony ? and is it over wait healthy or abite on the size that they need to be dieted.?
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You should be feeding the pony a high fat diet; add oil to grain or in some type of treat or buy a high fat grain & just give her a couple of handfuls 3-4 times a day there are also forage supplements you can feed along with hay that should help. Make sure her teeth aren't the problem; have them checked by a vet or horse dentist & floated if needed. Plenty of weight building supplements too & if you can start to build up some muscle on her, she'll likely use the calories in any food & start to gain weight.

I had a very skinny, nervous mare & just graining her a good quality grain w/2-3 flakes of good hay 3-4 times a day did the trick in a month.
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Hi Kat, Well you don't see a skinny Shetland very often! I have taken in a few "rescues" and horses that needed some help. Talk to your vet. If your vet won't talk without a check then find out from where you buy your grain how to get in touch with one of the reps from one of the national manufactures of horse feed.
There are so many different factors that there isn't one sure way to do it. Provided he is in good health I start by worming. I buy good hay and rely less on grain. Most ponies shouldn't have too much grain so buy one that the label shows has the right balance of vitamins and minerals. In the long run you will spend less than if you run out buying all kinds of supplements. Good luck!