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the life of a farrier

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ever since i started my career as a farrier. the bigest complaint i have heard was that farriers dont show up on time or the day there suposed to. so i have always made it a point to show on time or early. but people seem to think its ok to cancel at the last minute or not be there when i show up. but there the first to say farriers are unreliable. or i have to help them catch there horses. dont they relize i have other horses to shoe and that can put me behind. i could go on and on about this. on the other hand over the years i have gotton some really good reliable clients. alot of the time i even get to eat dinner or lunch with some. given fresh eggs or beef or pork or chickens or fresh garden vegtables. i just want to say thank you to the ones who appreciate our hard work and dedication.

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I really appreciate how hard farriers work, I used to do all my own trimming of 6 horses but can't since back surgery. I always haave my horses in stalls, with halters on, ready for their pedicure. My farrier always called us his favorite client and even sent us a Christmas card! Unfortunately, he died suddenly (only 46, Type 1 diabetes heart attack) so now I have to find another one. How I miss Bernie!

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I so appreciate my farrier.  he's awesome.  I think there should be a yelp for clients as well as farriers so if you get a call out you can see if they're reliable or not and then decide whether to use that farrier or visit that client.  It sure would make life a lot easier all round.  there are a lot of farriers in Ireland but Larry Mullins is the best in my opinion.  He is so professional and walks my horses out to assess them, does a little work, walks them out again and sees what needs to be done then.  He is gentle and his manner is confidence building.  My OTT is spooky as hell but he's wonderful with him. If he ever left the country, i think i'd follow him lol

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When your clients frustrate you just remember some will really appreciate you. And farriers are in demand as mates. :-)

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Love your post, my ferrier is always on time as am I and I totally agree with you.. My ferrier is one of my very best friends, I would be lost without him.. He always takes extra time and care with my mare and always double checks his work, then checks her gait aout in the pasture to be sure she is evenly gated after her foot work. Fortunately she is a very easy keeper, and my ferrier is her best bud too LOL..

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Yesterday I showed up at a ranch and all the horsesw were in a rather aggitated state...so I kicked in my horse Psychology and first determined the calmest horse and started with him, next was his mare friend that had worked herself into a froth at the post, third was the kicker and last was the old guy...and the best part??  The lady has CHICKENS!!!  I see fresh eggs in my future!!

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i applaud you ... Farriers are hard working dedicated folks .. when i make an appointment  with one it means theres something serious  with  a horses  hoof .. usually  i  tend the trimming  of my own  horses myself . but  as a rule  i take the whole day off  for the farrier  and put  the  horse in a small turnout pen till they arrive .. its  just a matter of perspective really .. when you have many clients to do there is allways going to be that one horse, or more than one that  give the farrier a difficult  time, to those who complain .. teach  your horse to  behave  before you call a farrier. lift  the feet  one at  a time  at least  twice a week  till your horse is used to it, More if you  can. evry day wouldnt  do any harm .. this is called being  kind to  your horse AND your farrier.


 officially getting  down from my soap box


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