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A little about me...

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Having just finished my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an Emphasis in the Race Track Industry at The University of Arizona, I'm ready to get back into a relationship. 


Dating while in school the last two years really wasn't an option. I was focused on grades and competitive archery. Now that I have some of those study-hours back to do other things, I'm ready to explore the dating world.


What I haven't found elsewhere is someone who's serious about meeting up in person. So many guys -- even those +40 -- just want to meet on Skype. That's just not for me. I want to meet in person. Sadly, I'm stuck here in Tucson -- the armpit of the devil during the summer, and a long-hard drive from anywhere interesting. I feel stuck until I can excape this town that can't even keep a major employer here.


So, I want to move to a more racing-friendly area...Kentucky would be obvious, but it's over-saturated with small farms that to start a broodmare nursery there would make me a tiny fish in the big pond. And the dating scene seems to be skewed younger as well.



Where do I go next? I have a year or less to plan this next move.

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are you to start work  this year since you are done with schooling .
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How are you doing?
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if beauty were time you will be enternity , my name is Aaron and i like to get to know you if you do not mind