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no idea what I'm doing

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Don't know what I'm doing--but going do it with style.
Midnight rides, haven't done them for awhile, used to be fun, sure still are, have to try again. A ride in the pecan patch could be interesting!
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Hay! 'Horsesence',I know what I'm doing- how about looking at my profile a little bit closer or is the enigma so difficult?. IF? then have a cup of cafe..
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Dear Ontario Canada.
I have a friend that I am writing for. His name is Steve Mason. My hubby and I board our horse at a ranch about two miles from our home in Ohio. Our friend has a good heart and took over the stables for an ailing old couple.
He does not meet to many people around here in rural town, but is looking.
He has a farm that he has been building back up slowly, but no one to help him. There are scouting programs that have called him and there is 4H, which my daughter is in, but he has no help.
He is looking for companionship and someone to wake up and see deer running, midnight rides and someone to actually run all the scouting and riding programs.
Maybe you are not the person, but there might be someone that even you might know. I sure would appreciate you writing me back. My name is Michelle and our friends name is Steve.
Please pass this word around. If he cannot keep the farm running thru the summer, he will have to close it and all of his horses will have to go, ours will no longer be there as a boarder and she (our horse suzie) has friends there. So he has told us that he would allow us to put his name out in order to help find someone.
Thank you for at least reading this.