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Were they fk is everone?

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I cant understand that here is no1 everytime im here. I love horses and i think alots of u all do that 2! I will love 2 talk horse...life...or what ever, just talk and maid friends. So r u in? Will u b my friend?
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When im in england i will buy you a BEER or what ever you drink! I like u....even if u did give me a 0.....
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It is just that way sometimes carol. People looking for friends but no where to be found..then there they are right under our noses.
I will be a friend as well. I have 5 horses. Everything from registered quarters to a percheron. My job is to feed them, kids ride. (I do to some extent but not as much as before)
So enjoy your day and know there are alot of peeps here who will be your friend.
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Hi everyone! ....but im not daughter of simon cowell for nothing! And all is not EQ fault, its everyone on it.... I havent been here for a while and it looks the same as when i left!
But lets do something! Get happy!

So about my life, im in germany working for one of the worlds best jumping rider, butim on my way out. I want a life and a family so it looks like im moving to england and start to study! I will still have my horses then...

So all english MEN wacth out...im on my way!

I cant send emails cause im not a member....

Anyway lets have a talk here and take care to next time.

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hi there , you are riding incredible horses and you might juwst have what it takes to have all your dreams , i have a four year old oldenburg mare , reserve champion in the USA at the oldenburg foal inspection and a beautful KWMP .. I love to ride and love the centuries old equestrian culture ... I would like to be your friend regards Laurence
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Hello Carol...it is difficult to get some people to talk much on these sites, not sure of the whys though. You have some very nice photos of yourself and your horse. And yes, I will also be your frined.

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hey how is your day
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Hi, Im Martin, Im 24, I would like to talk in any moment with you, will be a pleassure.
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OK Carol2000, you present yourself as a little "rough around the edges". I am German, so I understand you intentions more clearly. I will be your friend you crazy girl. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Have been in Kansas for 5 years. I have a warmblood, What kind of horse do you have?
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1 year ago
hi carol from sweden.your right i don't know whats wrong with this site but no one seems to talk. i read all your post you've tried really hard!what have you done with your horse today ? mail me i'll be your pal.