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Saturday Night in Sin City USA

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  Well, shoot!  Here it is Saturday night and I'm sitting in front of the computer banging out this post instead of being "out there" on the town in the Biggest Little City in the World !  What's up with that?  It's already February with Valentine's Day fast approaching and things aren't looking much better in the love department. 


  Doc, you high-tailed it up to Montana before we could even meet.  Jack, you're in Hawaii still.  Ken? ... well, I have NO idea where you are exactly, Kentucky? Boston? Texas?  What day is it?  Dellis, well, COWBOY-UP  buddy!  I'm beginning to wonder if this online dating is worth all the time and effort it takes to NOT GET A DATE. 





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Love your post. I hope you're pursuing a career in writing. Wow it is way quiet around here. At least you had four cowboys worth talking up. Maybe they like horses better than women?