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Still Saddlebred Hunting

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Okay...is there anyone out there that has even heard of the American Saddlebred? Let me hear from you!
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Hi Latigolady, You're the first person on this site that has a Saddle bred. I knew there had to be someone out there! Thanks so much for responding to my blog. Two of my "Show" Saddlebreds have been retired from the ring and I ride them as pleasure horses. We trail ride as well as riding in the country when the bean and cornfields come down. I've enjoyed them more as pleasure horses...they are very adaptable! Thanks again, Meggie
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Mya...thanks for the blog. Saddlebreds are beautiful and it was fun to hear from someone who appreciates them! If you board at a Saddlebred stable I'd love it if you gave out my profile to anyone that might be a match! Thanks again, Meggie
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I love the Saddlebred. I have a mare that I purchased when she was 12 and she is now 33. I don't ride her anymore but her health is good and she is as highheaded and regal as ever. Of all the horses I have riden I think the Saddlebred has been the most fun (maybe the most tempermental too). There is a site for the Saddlebred Sporthorse; I would love to see more Saddlebreds being out there on trail as well as in the ring being appreciated for the great horses they are.