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  • author ( 75, woman | Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia )

    I would like to meet on neutral ground, someplace chosen by the two of us. A place that is peaceful like a quiet cafe or pub with pleasant surroundings. After lunch or drinks maybe take a bit of a walk before parting..

  • author ( 70, woman | Haslett, MI, USA )

    A quiet place where we can talk and maybe have a bit to eat. Then maybe a nice trail ride together.

  • author ( 72, man | Cambridge City, IN, USA )

    My first date idea would be to meet with a person I had several previous conversations with on the phone, and meet in a place of intrest two both of us, in a relaxed comfortable enviroment.

  • author ( 72, woman | Cottage Grove, WI, USA )

    I think meeting for coffee or lunch the first time is a good idea. That way is there is no chemistry we can run, but if there is we can linger and chat.

  • author ( 73, woman | Yuma, AZ, USA )

    Dinner and discussion of the possibilities of our being a reasonably good team on the NSPRA for ribbon roping.

  • author ( 74, woman | Shreveport, LA, USA )

    I would let the gentleman make that decision and only if I was not comfortable with the choice, would I make changes.

  • author ( 73, woman | Sherman, TX, USA )

    We can dine at a fine restaurant. Have coffee at a cafe or see a movie and discuss it afterwards. Just getting to know a person is fun in itself. Long walks along the beach.

  • author ( 74, woman | Pontiac, MI, USA )

    Horse show, cutting competition, lunch, dinner, coffee and a doughnut, let's talk and see what we might like to do. I am open to pretty much anything.

  • author ( 74, woman | Wickenburg, AZ, USA )

    A walk along a sunny beach with sand in our toes and a colorful drink with a tiny umbrella.....opps! I AM dreaming! How about a cup of coffee somewhere.....or an event at Westworld.....or attend a rodeo....or I can watch...  see more >>

  • author ( 72, man | Cave Creek, AZ, USA )

    I don't think I want a "first date" I'd like an e-mail or call to meet for a cup of coffee or ride our hoses with a group of friends. Calling it a first date seems like teenagers and that I'm not. And I don't w...  see more >>

  • author ( 77, man | Elk Grove, CA, USA )

    We meet for coffee to plan our first ride together. We can watch a movie or have a late night meal out

  • author ( 73, man | Belton, SC, USA )

    Trail ride, of course! That would be ideal, but a nice dinner,. followed by maybe some twostepping, would also be nice!

  • author ( 71, woman | Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland )

    How about we meet for coffee and death by chocolate cake. Then we can indulge in my passion for sweet things and arrange another date IF we hit it off.

  • author ( 74, man | Bendigo/Central Victoria, Victoria, Australia )

    Cafe meet, much chatting over a coffee or three.......catch up all about us!! AND not forgetting talking about horses and canines......extremely important

  • author ( 72, man | Ewa Beach, HI, USA )

    We'll see need to talk first and see where we are. If we are in the same state LOL. other wise just hold on I'll get there.