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    By G.T. Burton (cowboy poet)
    The lady choked on something
    Looked like she was almost dead
    When into Bill's Cafe walked
    Randy Jones and Booger Red.
    Jones told Red to help the girl
    ''Cause he'd done it once before.
    So Red walked up behind her
    and pulled her jeans down to the floor.
    He licked her 'cross the back side
    And the lady coughed and screamed.
    She coughed up what had choked her
    As Red stood by and beamed.
    She'd finally got her breath back
    And it was a welcome sight.
    But she turned around at Red
    And slapped hem with all her might.
    She yelled all sorts of insults,
    Aimin' blows at Booger's head;
    It didn't seem to matter
    He walked back to Jones and said:
    "It's tough to do the rescue
    Cause the thanks don't seem to rhyme.
    But that Hind Lick Maneuver
    Will un-choke em' ever time.
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    This was soooooo funny. I'm still laughing.. Good job...