Any LIVE girls looking for English horsey guy Romance

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    Been on and off this site - still can't believe there arent any intelligent, fit, happy go lucky girls out there who would live the country life in the Shropshire countryside - secure, well travelled, fit, romantic guy who makes own cider, cooks and runs two businesses awaits...!!!!
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    I brew too :) Champagne for me...
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    hi, i am a very horsey gal. Very into my dressage, very serious about it and used to compete loads. I used to have 5 horses but just have the one now. I love to school and bring on horses to a high standard and freelance teach and train other peoples horses, I guess i must be intelegent coz schooling horses to my standard needs a fair bit of intelegence, I am not an academic lass though. One of my fav horses was my thoroughbred stallion called wintercoat - ex race horse sadly passed on now, hence the name.
    I also jump to a fair standard and used to compete endurance, not particularly through choice but because I was living in middle east at the time where it is big business. I won an international race there and placed 6th too on my own horse, very sore bum though after 120km in the saddle. I was a show rider for one of the shieks out there and have won many International ridden events, I love Arabian horses since i lived there although I also love warmbloods and thoroughbreds. I can handle most horses and am especiallly good at bringing on youngsters. I am a fun girl but i am a counrty girl. Tractor - no problem for me. I am slim, 53kg and 5'6", blonde - but thinking of changing colour - i get bored being blonde. I guess you could say i have expensive taste, I wear good breeches and made to measure boots and i think i look good when done up for a competition in my top hat and tails, I would love a Louis vuiton handbag but have never got round to treating myself, I usually end up with a new pair of riding boots instead. I drive a bm. I like to drive fast with the wind in my hair. I am always so busy i never seem to have time to go out socializing. People say i am tough, i guess i am but i am also very soft hearted. I love going on holidays and get excited about Christmas and I am a very good cook. Everybody loves my cooking and i make lovely cakes too.
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    OK,I'll bite. It's early on a snowy Saturday morning in Idaho and I too am curious as to why no one has responded to your post. :) I haven't been on this site in months, to be honest I'd forgotten about it, so when browsing the forum I came across your post. You seem like a nice enough guy in your profile, not asking for TOO much, and not too cocky! It does strike me as a bit odd that a catch such as yourself is posting internationally on a forum for a woman to move to England to "live happily ever after"...Perhaps you seem too good to be true, there's that old saying "if it seems too good to be true it probably is."

    Well, maybe I'll hear from you and maybe I won't. I'm not holding my breath.;)

    Take care and good luck! It's getting late the horses want fed and it looks like a lovely day to go play in the snow!