Non equestrian other halves Romance

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    I'm not sure what the point of this post is... wondering who here has had (or has) a non equestrian other half... and what happened... my fella is very non-equestrian... and I have to say, its a lonely life to be with somebody who doesn't share your passion.
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    Sorry hit the wrong button lol
    You are right if your partner does not understand the time & commmetment horses take then it sure is a lonely life but very rewarding. Thats why i'm on this site to find my (Horsey Lady) if not I still have my horses. (:~).
    Take Care Ride Safe & Good Luck In Your Search Barry.
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    One trainer/breeder down in Ky had a talk with me on one of my several trips down buying horses. I've gotten to know he and his wife very well over the years. This trip I had brought a new guy with me that I was getting to know. We all rode, I tried out the new prospect mare and the new guy was not thrilled but was trying. Later on the trainer said- I'm not telling you what to do but since I'm older and wiser ;-) I'm gonna give you a little advice. I love my wife of 40+ years with all my heart and that would never change, but if I had to do it all over , I'd choose someone that loved to ride as much as I did. It's a lifestyle and mindset.
    Mind you this man has rode, trained, competed, judged his whole life. His wife stood by him thru it all but always just stood by. I"ve been there also. I've seen my friends stray in their marriages on trail rides as the hubbys stayed at home and golfed. Honestly- what kind of life is that for either person??? I won't date anyone that doesn't have my same interests bc it just won't work out. My life is the farm..horses, cattle and the beef company. Its very demanding and if its meant to be it will be. Good luck!