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    I have tried a few horse sites just so i don't go insane or worse become citified as it is day by day i am becoming more and more domesticated! I can actually txt now! I have always been a bit of a throw back I don't think I was born in the wrong time or anything I am just well me. I have no idea how to download music to an i-pod can barely get by on an mp3.Not in to the whole party scene but am anything but boring basically life around me is never dull.I don't drink I don't smoke I don't cheat on the guys I date just to have a dramatic poor me breakup routine to tell my BFF's(lots my friends do that) I am allergic to major pain medicine so i don't pop pills there any country peeps left out there....HELLLOOOO!
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    same here Terry you seem very nice I could always do with more friends you can never have enough of those hope everthing goes good on your end too!
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    I tried to say this to you privately but couldn't so her you go.

    You know it really is a shame that you're so young. Or maybe that I'm older, I don't know. Anyway, you really and truly are a very beautiful girl, and you seem to have a great deal going for you. I truly hope you find him. Be safe, be careful here, and may the angels watch over you.
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    Thanks Trailgirl23 its comforting to know some people feel the same way and same here if u ever feel like you need some one to chat at give me a holler... good luck with school