Filies training Did you wink at me?

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    Love to talk ground work with expert, love to enjoy first contact with young horses, bring them to have confidence, feel secure and connect. Do you have any suggestions for teaching jumping without spoiling the western training.(no contact in the mouth) to compare to contact in english bits. thank you.( PS IOWACOWBOY I tried to get in touch but no success please try again, LOVED TO share training cue.
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    Well, I don't know about training a western horse to jump but I'm assuming you don't want to go higher than two feet or so. Anything higher and it's imperative to have at least a feel of your horse's mouth. It's how you communicate while in the air about how the horse needs to land and at what speed. Lack of contact over large fences is dangers since it can unbalance both you and your horse. As for breaking a young horse, the best route that I've found is gentle persuasion. I have a horse that people tried to force in his early training. He responded by trying to kill them. Gentle persuasion with him has allowed me to compete him successfuly and I've yet to see the violent and vicious side in him. If you have a willing horse all you should have to do is describe what you want and ask for it. I work with a lot of problem horses and it works for me every time. Including my new stallion!