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    Is it just me or do women get the better riding clothes? Colours, fit, etc etc. IF you're male in the UK you've probably only got as choice of black, navy blue, beige or brown breeches....amazingly some men are actually conscious about the clothes they wear - or is it just me - an d do like a choice. This certainly isn;t the case in Europe with Cavallo, Schumacher, Pikeur having some fantastic colours and the fit is far better....so why are men's riding clothes in the UK so boring!?? Okay, I've no excuse I'm wearing black Pikeur's in this shot....but I'd love to know why this is

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    Mmm, I can see what you mean it's just that there seem sto be far more choice for male riders in say France, Germany or Italy with Pikeur, Sarm Hippiqueor Georg Schumacher
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    Hi, Tomkatinboots,

    I have been in retail/equestrian business for a long time-and the answer is simple economics!
    70% of riders are female. So, the colors/fabrics styles are going to be directed to pleasing that 70% of the marketplace.
    The guys,composing 30% or less of the marketplace, will get the standard approved colors/styles.
    Nothing is worse for a retailer than carrying a full line of breeches (color, style) for male riders-and selling 1-2 lousy pair of breeches a year.